• Adopt CPU 8051 for complete design.
  • 10 steps machining programing.
  • 10 sets machining data in memory bank.
  • ABS / INC
  • X,Y,Z / EDM
  • Internal machining time counter.
  • Mirror finish.
  • Auto compensation for electrode wear.
  • Smart Anti-Arc.
  • Memory for power interrupt in machining.

  • 10 steps depth programming.
  • 10 steps machining data with current.
  • 1/2 center key.
  • Machine life counter.
  • Auto positioning END & FACE.
  • Special metal machining (carbide)
  • Two speed flushing.
  • Smooth surface finish.
  • Direct connection with PNC controller.
  • This FC-35 castings ensure high durability without deformation and lifetime accuracy of the machine.
  • High precision ball screw on X,Y,Z-axis for extremely smooth traverse.
  • Double roller linear quider Z-axis gives high axial accuracy.
  • Outstanding machine structure as same grade as CNC model. When fitted with servo motor and controller, the machine may perform automatic operation for additional value.
  • Electrode plate is fitted with a built-in anti-fire sensor, combined with exclusive air extinguisherand multiple-holes flushing pipes for positive safety guard without fire.
  • Rotary type fluid valve and safety switch for fluid level provides added safety guard. (Taiwan patent permitted)

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